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Recorded Live At The Basement on the 17th July 2005

Dennis Wilson: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Bob Daisley: Bass
Tim Gaze: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mark Marriott: Drums

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Track Listing:

  • 1. Intro. She’s So Hard To Shake
  • 2. Free
  • 3. Ain’t No Pleasing You
  • 4.Somebody Do Something
  • 5. She’s So Hard To Shake
  • 6. What Have I Done To Deserve This
  • 7. Ascend
  • 8. Ascension
  • 9. The Quickening
  • 10. Vikings
  • 11. Could Be Anyone
  • 12. The Blues Just Got Sadder
  • 13. Parade Of Fools
  • 14. Politician
  • 15. End Credits

Bonus Vision:

  • The Nazz Are Blue. Special guest vocalist Jimmy Barnes
  • Interview with Glenn A Baker
  • Interview with the Band

On the 17th July 2005, KAHVAS JUTE – one of Australia’s legendary rock groups – reunited on stage for a gig at famed Sydney venue The Basement. THEN AGAIN: Live at The Basement documents that historic event. Originally formed at the height of Australia’s progressive rock movement during the early 1970s, the band’s music has stood the test of time. Driven by the powerful bass lines of internationally acclaimed musician Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Gary Moore, Uriah Heep), the high-tensile dual guitar attack of Dennis Wilson and Tim Gaze and the mighty beat of drummer Mark Marriott, this is blues-based heavy rock at its absolute finest. 

Featuring tracks culled from their highly collectable 1971 album Wide Open, six new songs and a cover of Cream’s ‘Politician’, THEN AGAIN comes complete with Bonus Vision: a revealing hour-long interview with the band members and a special guest appearance by celebrated Aussie Rock frontman Jimmy Barnes. To round out the package, the additional 12-track CD THE QUICKENING boasts studio recordings of the six new Kahvas Jute songs – recorded in January 2005 – plus their corresponding live renditions. THEN AGAIN and THE QUICKENING will not only enthral Kahvas Jute aficionados but all fans of Classic Rock.


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