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This 2 DVD set contains a wealth of historical 1960s and 1970s footage and combines full performances and a small number of archive interviews featuring much rare and previously unreleased live, studio and TV footage. As such, this DVD-set is the definitive collection of the early years of Deep Purple.

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The double DVD includes many never-before-seen (but often rumoured) live clips from the first four line-ups of Deep Purple - including “Wring That Neck” from Bilzen August 1969 (some of the earliest Mark 2 live footage), “Mandrake Root” and “Wring That Neck” from Paris 1970 (where you can watch Jon Lord conduct ’surgery’ with a drum stick on the innards of his Hammonds!), the Fireball writing session film from 1971, and the excellent Leeds Polytechnic Project featuring Mark 3 filmed live in London in 1974 (by a Leeds Polytechnic student, hence the title) and much more [see below for the full tracklisting].

Clocking in at nearly five hours and with many full length performances, “History, Hits & Highlights 1968-76” is an essential for Deep Purple fans. It is packaged as a double amaray case inside a slipcase with lavishly illustrated booklet of memorabilia.

The DVD covers the initial phase of the band’s existence through four different line-ups from 1968 to 1976. This era produced the classic Deep Purple albums “In Rock”, “Fireball”, “Burn” and “Machine Head” that created their legend and still provide the backbone of their live sets today - despite the ongoing commercial success of the band post their 1984 reunion.


Disc One – 2hrs 24mins
HISTORY – 20 minute history of Deep Purple from 1968 to 1976.
HITS – Full performances:

Mark One: (Evans, Blackmore, Lord, Simper, Paice)

  • 1. Help
  • 2. Hush
  • 3. Wring That Neck

Mark Two: (Gillan, Blackmore, Lord, Glover, Paice)

  • 4. Hallelujah
  • 5. Mandrake Root
  • 6. Speed King
  • 7. Black Night
  • 8. Child In Time
  • 9. Lazy
  • 10. Strange Kind Of Woman
  • 11. Fireball Writing Session
  • 12. Fireball
  • 13. Demon’s Eye
  • 14. No No No
  • 15. Into The Fire
  • 16. Never Before
  • 17. Highway Star
  • 18. Smoke On The Water

Mark Three: (Coverdale, Blackmore, Lord, Hughes, Paice)

  • 19. Burn
  • 20. Mistreated

Mark Four: (Coverdale, Bolin, Lord, Hughes, Paice)

  • 21. Love Child
  • 22. You Keep On Moving


Disc Two – 2hrs 23mins
HIGHLIGHTS – bonus performances and interviews

Mark One

  • 1. And The Address (Playboy TV)

Mark Two

  • 2. Wring That Neck (Bilzen Jazz Festival 1969)
  • 3. Mandrake Root (“Pop Deux” Paris Concert 1970)
  • 4. Wring That Neck (“Pop Deux” Paris Concert 1970)
  • 5. Black Night (Promo Clip)
  • 6. No No No (Take 1) (Rockpalast Rehearsal Session)
  • 7. No No No (Take 2) (Rockpalast Rehearsal Session)

Mark Three

  • 8. “Jt Nuit” – French TV 1974
  • 9. Burn (Leeds Polytechnic Project 1974)
  • 10. Interview (Leeds Polytechnic Project 1974)
  • 11. Space Truckin’/Interview (Leeds Polytechnic Project 1974)

Mark Four

  • 12. New Zealand TV Documentary (Nov 1975)
  • 13. Smoke On The Water (New Zealand TV)
  • 14. Tony Edwards (Deep Purple’s manager) French TV Interview 1976


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