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The never before released Deep Purple Rises Over Japan Concert and the Gettin' TighterMusic Documentary (plus Bonus Jakarta 1975 interview)



Phoenix Rising features over 70 minutes of rarities and never before released live versions from Deep Purple's MKIV line-up (Bolin/Lord/Paice/Coverdale/Hughes) including 30 minutes of previously unreleased live concert footage PLUS a full length 90 minute documentary on the band's storied history.

Rises Over Japan is the 30 minute live concert, filmed on 16mm in Japan 1976 and fully restored in HD. Never before released (not even on bootlegs) it was originally planned to be included in a Deep Purple film, but was scrapped after Tommy Bolin's death.

Getting TighterThe first DVD to document Deep Purple’s turbulent last year before the band split in 1976. Featuring exclusive new interviews with Glenn Hughes and founder member Jon Lord that open the lid on the problems that beset the band as they toured the world: Death, drugs and devastation, which led to their eventual disbandment. Archive footage from the tour includes interviews with Tommy Bolin, David Coverdale and Ian Paice, while rare and previously unreleased concert footage includes performances of Purple classics ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Highway Star’. Live versions of ‘Love Child’ and ‘You Keep On Moving’ from the MKIV line-up’s one and only album ‘Come Taste The Band’ also feature as part of the previously unreleased film ‘Deep Purple Rises In Japan’ - included in full, within this DVD.


Other highlights of this extraordinary and powerful documentary includes film from the start of the tour in New Zealand plus the coup de grace; recently discovered, previously unseen footage from the infamous concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia. The darkest point in Purple’s career that saw the band ripped off to the tune of $750,000, but even worse, the tragic death of one of their crewmembers that resulted in some of Purple’s entourage arrested on suspicion of his murder - something no amount of money could have compensated for. A truly Unique film that reveals the excesses of life in the mid-seventies in one of the world’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands. An essential purchase for any fans of Deep Purple or classic rock in general.


Phoenix Rising Deluxe Digital Package

  • Deep Purple Rises Over Japan Concert
  • Gettin' Tighter Music Documentary
  • Bonus Jakarta 1975 Interview
  • Phoenix Rising Official Soundtrack Plus More
  • 36 page Gettin' Tighter Booklet 
  • 28 page  Souvenir Booklet

Phoenix Rising Video Download Package

  • Deep Purple Rises Over Japan Concert
  • Gettin' Tighter Music Documentary
  • Bonus Jakarta 1975 Interview
  • 36 page Gettin' Tighter Booklet
  • 1976 Souvenir Booklet
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Phoenix Rising Official Soundtrack Plus More

  • Phoenix Rising Official Soundtrack in your choice of audio formats.
  • 36 page Gettin' Tighter Booklet.
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Gettin' Tighter Digital Booklet

36 page full color booklet in your choice of digital formats.

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Rises Over Japan Concert

  • 30 minute concert recorded live at The Budokan Hall, Japan on December 15, 1975.
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Gettin' Tighter Documentary

  • 80 Minute Music Documentary about Deep Purple in the ’70s before the band originally split in 1976.
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