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Track Lising:

  • Vengence
  • Born To Kill
  • Hadely Bop Bop
  • Bite The Bullet
  • Trouble
  • No Laughing In Heaven
  • MAD
  • Smoke On The Water
  • New Orleans
  • No East Way
  • Restless

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By 1982 GILLAN was one of the most popular heavy metal bands in Britain. Fronted by former Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan, the line-up comprised stalwart keyboard player Colin Towns and the redoubtable rhythm section of John McCoy (bass) and Mick Underwood (drums), plus former White Spirit guitarist (and future Iron Maiden mainstay) Janick Gers. This well-oiled and powerful musical machine is in devastating form throughout these 16 outstanding performances.

Highlights include high-octane in-concert versions of ‘Hadely Bop Bop’, ‘Bite the Bullet’, ‘Trouble’, ‘M.A.D.’ and ‘Vengeance’, plus television appearances delivering energetic renditions of ‘Born to Kill’, ‘No Laughing in Heaven’, ‘New Orleans’, Stevie Wonder’s ‘Living for the City’ and the Purple gem ‘Smoke on the Water’. The band’s melodic yet down ‘n’ dirty brand of hard rock retains its universal appeal and Gillan fans will enjoy every minute of this essential DVD.


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