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Coming Soon DVD

Coming Soon Digital Download

Track Lisiting:

  • 1. Second Sight (Intro)
  • 2. No Laughing In Heaven
  • 3. Into The Fire
  • 4. Hang Me Out To Dry
  • 5. Have Love I’ll Travel
  • 6. Wasted Sunsets
  • 7. Not Responsible
  • 8. No Worries
  • 9. Rivers Of Chocolate (Band Jam)
  • 10. Unchain Your Brain
  • 11. Bluesy Blue Sea
  • 12. Moonshine
  • 13. Texas State Of Mind
  • 14. Sugar Plum
  • 15. When A Blind Man Cries
  • 16. Men Of War
  • 17. Smoke On The Water
  • 18. Trouble19. Knocking At Your Back Door

Includes Bonus  Material:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Ian Gillan Interview (The Ten Commandements)
  • Memorabilia photo-
  • Tour Featurette Video (‘Code Of The Road’)

You can feel from the first second that Ian Gillan is enjoying his time on stage (as he likes to underline between the songs ‘I couldn’t do this with Deep Purple, I am on vacation...’) and in this DVD edition you can really feel like being at the show.

The concert was filmed at the end of 2006 just after the release of the album ‘Gillanís Inn’. And like on that album, Ian Gillan is presenting the best of his career as a solo artist (with material from most of his albums), rarities (like ‘Have Love I’ll Travel’ he recorded on hard to find solo album by guitarist Michael Lee Jackson) and lots of Deep Purple Songs. The mega classics ‘Smoke on The Water’ and ‘Into The Fire’ but also many songs that Purple played not too often (if not never) ‘When a Blind Man Cries’, or ‘Knocking at Your Back Door’, ‘Wasted Sunsets’ or ‘Not Responsible’ (both from the classic album ‘Perfect Stranger’).

Great sound and great performance for one of the most loved and influential hard rock singer of all times. This DVD is destined to become a classic of his solo career and a ‘must have’ for all DEEP PURPLE fans The extra material includes behind the scenes and an interview with Ian, plus hidden surprises to be discovered along the way through the DVD.

Duration: 120 min


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